Hi Rosa, 

Charlie's Freewheels in Toronto, Canada shares space with Ya! Bikes, a sort-of-for-profit bike shop that directly supports the amazing work Charlie's Freewheels done. I believe the arrangement was set up this way deliberately, but I know there's at least one Charlie's staff member on this listserv so I would defer to them.


On Wed, Aug 29, 2018, 18:37 Cicloficina dos Anjos <anjos@cicloficina.pt> wrote:

Hi guys,

Do you know any bike collective that works in the same place as a comercial bike shop?
Like on the shop closed hours?

Any thoughts about how it can be a good or very bad ideia?

We need to move from the place where we are for some years, and one possibility is to move temporarily to a friendly comercial bike shop. But I would like to know if any or similar experiences occurred, and how it went.


Cicloficina dos Anjos
Rua Dr. Almeida Amaral 15A, Lisboafb.com/cicloficina.anjos 


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