Collective Supporters:

Let's keep the emails on-topic!  We are here to support and sustain each other with ideas and information about Bike Collectives. 

At The Sibley Bike Depot in Saint Paul, we are implementing a new Drupal 6 powered website.  We are using Drupal because it is a powerful platform that allows us to run the calendar, newsletters, etc.  We are also using it because we have a few volunteers with Drupal experience and a commitment to help.  We are starting from the ground up, developing everything ourselves.  We will give updates as we tackle some of the more pressing items like tracking volunteer hours and bike donations/inventory. 

You can see our new Drupal 6 site here (not quite production ready yet!)
You can see your current Drupal 5 website here:

If you have questions or want more information, give me a shout!

Wilbur Ince
Sibley Bike Depot Web Team