A couple lessons learned from electing leaders at MoBo/Village Green were to check how many other commitments they had.  There were a couple of people who stepped up for leadership roles that were involved with so many other activities that they seriously failed in the ones they committed to for us.  

We also found that we had more leadership positions than people willing to take on those roles.  That forced us to decide what was critical and what wasn't.  We had to look at Outreach, PR, etc. and decide if they was core, did they enable or enhance our Mission and Vision.  With limited leaders we then focused our energies on the core and what enabled it.  

On Mon, Sep 18, 2017 at 3:09 PM, Josh Bisker <> wrote:
Hello compadres! So, we're trying to go from a create squads to handle different arenas of planning and activity -- like Shop Management, Communications, Programming, Volunteer Coordination, Partnerships, etc. Each squad will have a captain. Here's the request for help: We're looking for your insight and experience to help us figure out how to pick our captains, especially this first time. 

  • How have you dealt with electing / selecting leaders? 
  • What lessons have you learned about good ways to do this?
  • How about bad ways to do this? What should we be careful of? 
  • How can we best inoculate ourselves against interpersonal conflicts muddying the process? 
  • Are there anonymous voting systems, consensus systems, or other systems you recommend for this kind of thing? (FYI, our group is nascent enough that we don't yet have a strong consensus model in place for making big decisions.)
For reference about captains in specific:
  • Captains are the squad’s points-of-contact, coordinators for its activities, and default squad spokespeople. They’re responsible for the squad’s workflow, and for communicating with the collective about the squad’s initiatives, progress, and needs -- also for structuring how volunteers can participate in the squad’s activities.

  • Captains’ stated mission also includes supporting and engaging with ideas from their squad members and from the larger collective too -- and calling for extra teamwork when the squad needs it.
More about the squads model from me soon, but in the mean time some feedback here would be grrrrrreat!




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