Mark. Welcome to the Northern Alliance, man. BikeBike is gonna be in Minneapolis next year, and Fargo will be there to back you up (as will everybody).
Build Coalitions, first and foremost. Beat down the door of the park board, local colleges, city, community centers, youth serving agencies, and folks who serve the homeless and the under-represented. Share the ideas around, get a feel for the landscape of your community. And gather like minded people for bike rides and coffee. Be fearless when approaching folks on bikes. Your idea will be contagious, I promise. Develop a mission statement together, then a business plan, then shop it shop it to everybody. And read the blog. So many great tools and templates.
People first, then bikes.

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Dear Friends:

It's time to start a cooperative here in The Quad Cities (border of Iowa and Illinois).  Please tell me what I am up against and the pitfalls you might help me avoid.  I am 52 and very experienced at helping businesses market and sell.  I used to run the largest independent Raleigh distributorship (ancient days) and have over twenty years of winter cylecommuting experience.  Any advice you might offer would be greatly appreciated.
Best Regards
Mark H. Hendricks
1-309-762-3252 (direct)

Rafael Cletero
Project Coordinator
Fort Collins Bicycle Co-op
ph (970) 484 38 04

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