Page 13 of the 1992 Bridgestone bicycle catalog has a unique recommendation of using olive oil.

On 4/2/08, Bob Giordano <> wrote:
Indoor air quality is tops on our list for a healthy shop atmosphere.  We
do not store anything that gives off harmful fumes.  Tooth brushes and
simple green (highly diluted) in a small wooden bowl is our parts cleaning
station.  We are even moving away from simple green (i've learned it is
harmful to some)- to a citrus based cleaner.

I guess tri flow is the only thing with fumes in the shop.  Often we ask
people to use it outside.  I'd like to find a non-petroleum lube.

-Bob Giordano, Free Cycles Missoula

Michael Wolfe wrote:
> Speaking of liver damage, etc..  Wondering if any shops out there have
> issues solvent tanks in their shop?  The fumes give me a headache but
> don't seem to mind it.  Mostly I worry about the health effects on the full
> time people in the shop.   Short of installing a hood or ventalation
> what options are there to locate that stuff outside?

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