Hey hey,

We're working on some strategic planning at Charlie's in TO and I'm wondering if any folks can share examples of interview and/or survey questions that you've used for strat plan or program evaluation purposes? Any "youth" specific examples would be super awesome, but other examples would be great as well. 

We'll be interviewing/surveying our community partners and holding a less formal group discussion with the youths and volunteers.

If anyone has an experience that they think would be helpful, lemmme know! Would love to chat by phone/skype/email, etc...Whatever works!

I'll be documenting the entire process, so I'd also be more than happy to organize a workshop based on our experience if folks are interested.

Thanks all!

Alix Aylen
Executive Director
242.5 Queen Street E. M5A 1S3 Toronto, Ontario
t. 416-856-5510

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