Since you are the "oldest continuous bike program in the US" that isn't toast, we can only assume that whatever legal safe guards you use have been adequate so far.  Have you been sued?  If so what happened?  Did you settle?  Just curious when did your program start?

I am not a lawyer, but my personal opinion is that as long as the organization is fairly broke, actively avoids being negligent, has insurance and has a waiver -- fairly broke being the key, you can concentrate on getting bikes to tykes.  A good ambulance chasing lawyer would see there are no assets to plunder (aside from a million dollar liability policy) and move along.  The reality is it costs money to crush an organization, so they better have valuable assets (or members with valuable asset) worth the fight.


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I am the president of a children's program that refurbishes old bikes into near new condition and then gives them to the underprivileged kids in our area.  Even though we are the oldest continuous bike program in the US, we still encounter problems.  My question is how most of you handle shop liability and event liability?  I see a lot of posting about having kids work on their bikes, however the 'hold not responsible' forms you have people sign just will not do it in a court of law.  The only close to 'protected' way is to have shop and event liability through an insurance company and get your 'not hold responsible' forms signed.  Even then it is not a 'sure thing'. It all depends on the judge.
  Has anyone run this by an attorney?  What did he/she have to say and where do you get the insurance from? 
  One injury to a child and a parent out to make an example out of any of us and your program is toast!!!
  I have not got the best answer so I am asking all of you what you have done.
Skip Riffle, Pres.
Bikes For Tykes, Inc.
238-450-3366 cell
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