We have reached our fundraising goal!!

Thank you to everybody who donated and spread the project around. The outpouring of support we've received in the last couple of months has been such a surprise, and not only will we be able to focus on bringing you this film now, but we've also seen how many of you out there really care about what we're doing. The morale boost is just as valuable as the cash.

As many of you know, the USA Projects web site has been experiencing crippling technical difficulties this last week, at the worst possible time for our project. Many donations were not processed. They finally fixed it yesterday, and have given us an extension until Friday so that everybody who wants to contribute is able to. If you donated last week, make sure it went through on your credit card. If it did not, then try again-it should all be working now.

This is great news. We have reached our goal, but we can continue to accept donations to get closer to fully budgeting the film. All funds will go toward making this movie live up to our vision in every way possible.

So this should be the last time we bug you about this fundraising campaign. We have six days left to bring this to the next level. Keep spreading the word!

noah and tim