What do other shops do in terms of safety checks and so on when clients leave the shop?  We typically don't much worry about it because our bikes are sold "as is"; however, I wonder if we don't have a greater responsibility in both ethical and legal terms.  I guess the major complication is that so many people pass through planning to work further on their bikes at home.

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hi everyone....

Announcing the first BikeBike NE in Troy, NY
A regional gathering of bicycle projects in the Northeast US.
April 24 & 25, 2010 at the Sanctuary for Independent Media
Organized and hosted by Troy Bike Rescue

What is BikeBike?
BikeBike is an annual international gathering of community bicycle projects.  It has happened in cities such as New Orleans, Pittsburgh, San Francisco, Minneapolis and Milwaukee.  This coming years conference will be in Toronto in the summer of 2010.  Regional events, such as BikeBike Southeast have been held in Atlanta and Louisville (upcoming).
more info at: http://www.bikebike.org

What will happen at BikeBike Northeast?
Workshops & discussions for fledgling and experienced shops, a mini film festival, mutant bike welding, trailer building, exploring urban ruins on bike, pick-up polo matches, and whatever else you want to make happen!

Who will come to BikeBike Northeast?
In addition to the local public, we hope to attract participants from community bike projects as near and as far as: Delaware, Baltimore, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, New Haven, Ithaca, Montpelier, Plattsburgh, Burlington, New Hampshire, Boston, State College PA, Providence, Worcester, NYC, and more...  Are you on this list?  We hope you can make it!!

We have received modest interest from various groups, but will need plenty of help getting the word out there.  If you hear of people in the Northeast wanting to start ups community shops or simply interested in joining a conversation about building bicycle culture in post-industrial expanses of this corner of the world, please tell them about BikeBike Northeast (and BikeBike International- to be held in Toronto in Summer 2010).


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