LOts of locks and one key to all the locks. ALl members have the same key. Thats the BC approuch.

The other approuch would be have computer program register all the users. Register all the bikes and locations, have the users interact with the bike and locations so you can keep touch on all sharing. That was ours in toronto.

Its hard because you will never get all bikes back, bikes will brake, people will get hurt and the program will always demand more bikes. My recommendation, make it small, make it streamline. Use one speed bikes, coaster brake hubs from babac, cheap cheap.

Use a one hub system and grown on that. We had sixteen and it worked fine, but its cost 100k a year to finance.

Good luck.

On Fri, Feb 22, 2008 at 9:39 PM, Lance Ayer <lanceayer@gmail.com> wrote:
Hey All,

Our organization has recently been asked to participate in a Sustainability Open House at the University of Calgary. The purpose is to bring together key players both within the university and the city in order to address topics of sustainability in all its glory. We will appropriately be representing the pedal power aspect of sustainability. Now, a large scale bike-share program of the kind found in most European cities is a completely foreign concept to Calgary and this we would like to change. My question to the group is this: does anyone know of anyway to  acquire a bicycle that would be typical of bike-share programs. I am referring to one piece, fully adjustable, custom made bikes that are used in these programs. Any leads would be appreciated.

Lance Ayer
Campus Bike Initiative, 
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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