This is absolutely ridiculous. There are plenty of people who would like an alternative to a car but for whom their 150 watts of power won't suffice. These people have cargo bikes (sometimes with kids), live where there are steep hills, have long commutes etc., etc. etc. Should we discourage bus transit for those who need it simply because the cleanest technology has not been adopted. What about those folks for whom the electric bike is one of their quiver? What about people who don't have 150 watts?

They have pedals, right. Those people are members of your community, right. They'd like to support your shop, right?  And you're saying that because its not the purest/best technology, they should piss off?

How much more respect would all cyclists get if 5% of car drivers were suddenly e-bikers? How much more funding would bicycle safety, bicycle pathways and bicycle storage receive? These are our allies. Ever heard that old axiom about "cutting off your nose"? How about wheelchairs, handcycles, push scooters, skateboarders?

Strive to be inclusive. With some caveats to safety and capacity, we're in the mobility business; anyone trying to ride more softly on the earth is welcome. 

The Bicycle Collective
Salt Lake City

On Fri, Jan 4, 2013 at 8:49 AM, Geoffrey Bercarich <> wrote:

My community bike space does not allow the fixing or repairing of electric assist vehicles.

Make signage.

On Jan 4, 2013 2:36 AM, "Wendy Monroe" <> wrote:
Hello think tankers,

I'm seeing a lot of this sort of talk in the Netherlands…
Is there a broad trend in the States moving this direction, as well?

This Extra Energy organization is not thinking in terms of Cheap chinese made imports but rather of very pricey ( typically ) German products.
Or perhaps German branded products, manufactured in China….

But I see e-bikes in general as somewhat of a threat to those of us who love non electrified bicycles.

Any thoughts on this, fellow Americans?


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