BikeRoWave just added 'Slat Walls' from 'Linens & Things' going out of business.  They are Great!  We would love more, we will check out Mervyn's!

On Sun, Dec 28, 2008 at 4:51 PM, Jonathan Morrison <> wrote:
Mervyn's ( is going out of business, so they are getting rid of everything.  Everything includes glass display cases that lock, clothing racks, slot wall, hooks, display fixtures and every type of sign imaginable.  We took advantage of this in Salt Lake.  The Salt Lake Mervyn's is being taken over by Kohl's ( which will probably gut the place and put in their own fixtures.  So we are going to contact Kohl's and see what they are going to throw out (like glass display cases).  Everything that isn't bolted down is going to the dump before that.  So...

Companies that are going out of business will hire "liquidators" but the reality is the rest of the staff is counting down to their last day.  So if you catch them when the liquidators aren't around -- they are more apt to just say "just take it, I am going to lose my job anyway."  If the liquidator is around, make sure you have your best bartering volunteer there.  Chances are the company is already in Chapter 11 bankruptcy, so they have enough capital loses to write off -- they don't need or want your tax write off.  Which means you need to meet them half way, buy something, and ask them to throw something else in for free.

Not sure if your org should do it?

Last summer the economy was peaking and so were gas prices.  This summer the economy has dropped and so have gas prices.  Everything being relative, expect a similar demand this coming summer on your community bike shop.  So investing in your shop now is wise, you fill a need and as a result you are one of those in-high demand service that people will support.


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