We’re doing a workshop on DIY studded tires.  We use up a few the extra knobbies for this event.  Not enough to make a big dent in the pile, but every little bit counts.


I’m trying to find a local artist who might make use of the tires.  We have donated unusable frames as materials for a bike rack designed by a local artist and installed at a community facility.  I prefer to try and keep the donations local so that we know what happens to them.


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As others have experienced, we (Toledo Ohio Bike Co-op) have accumulated unwanted knobby tires (typically 26x2.0) that we don't often give/reccommend for bikers in our all-flat-pavement city.  Has anyone on the list looked at the best options for getting these to someone who can really use them?  Is there any $ense in $hipping them to another group who will include them with a shipment to our third world brothers and sisters?   Thanks, Andy-in-Toledo


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