Hi All, 

I think this is a really important discussion and would love to hear what other shops are doing. (sorry I am unable to reply in Spanish)

Bike Farm in Portland is doing a few things:
 - We are trying to continue our conversations around equity and racial diversity despite covid and not being able to meet in person. While it's not as robust as it should be, I believe we will continue to prioritize this conversation in the next few weeks
 - We are setting up mobile repair (somewhat like a street fair) at BLM protests. We will offer free minor repairs for people attending protests. 
 - For Juneteenth, we offered a free repair day for BIPOC folks, working with the ride leader for the Black Liberation Ride.

I think generally what we are doing is being open and generous to any BIPOC organization that could benefit from our resources. We are endeavouring to listen to what the community tells us they need and not be prescriptive about how we can help. We are internally trying to educate our members and volunteers. We are listening to the voices of our BIPOC members/volunteers, trying to hear what they need to be safe in our space or safe out on the street. 

Our history with being an inclusive space for all races has not been perfect. We are wrestling with how to sit with our failures, acknowledge them, and work towards changes that address the issues. Pre Covid, we were creating a night for spanish speaking folks and setting up movie nights that educate our community about the injustice experienced by black people who lived in our neighborhood well before we got here. I believe there will likely be systemic changes that are needed. When we figure them out, maybe we'll post again regarding what we have found.

Again, I'd love to hear about what other shops are thinking.

On Fri, Jun 26, 2020 at 3:58 PM Aida Mas Baghaie <aida.masb@gmail.com> wrote:
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Hey buds, 

We've been chatting about ways to support racial justice, indigenous sovereignty & the revolution through our work at the Bike Kitchen, and we were hoping to hear about what you're all doing these days. Some questions that have come up during our conversations include:
  • How can bike co-ops support movements for racial justice & indigenous sovereignty in a meaningful and sustained way?
    • Are you fundraising/donating money, if so how and for whom?
    • Are you providing low barrier repair services, bikes, etc.? Are you doing this at protests/rallies/actions? If so, what COVID precautions are you taking? 
  • How are you communicating your support? (i.e. are you reaching out directly to organizers to offer free repairs, fundraising, etc.? Are you writing statements of support?) 
  • How are you ensuring that the work you're doing is serving these movements without becoming a burden/co-opting the movement? 
  • Would you be interested in participating in a virtual conversation about this? 
Really interested to hear what everyone's been up to. Sending you all much love, support and solidarity.

<3 aida 

---- Español ----

Hola amigxs, 

Hemos estado charlando sobre formas de apoyar la justicia racial, la soberanía indígena y la revolución a través de nuestro trabajo en el Bike Kitchen, y nos gustaría saber qué están haciendo ustedes. Aquí les dejo algunas preguntas que surgieron: 
  • ¿Cómo podemos apoyar los movimientos por la justicia racial y soberanía indígena de forma sostenida? 
    • ¿Están recaudando fondos / donando dinero / bicicletas, etc.? ¿Para quién? 
    • ¿Están reparando bicicletas en manifestaciones? ¿Qué precauciones está tomando en cuanto a COVID? 
  • ¿Cómo están comunicando su apoyo? (es decir, ¿están contactando directamente a los organizadores de movimientos sociales para ofrecer bicis gratuitas, recaudación de fondos, etc.? ¿Están escribiendo declaraciones de apoyo?
  • ¿Cómo se aseguran de que el trabajo que están haciendo sirva a estos movimientos sin convertirse en una carga / cooptar el movimiento? 
  • ¿Te interesaría participar en una conversación virtual sobre esto? 
Tengo muchas ganas de escuchar y aprender de sus experiencias. Les envío mucho amor, apoyo y solidaridad.

<3 aida 


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