Here is what I have for advanced class instructor sheets at the moment:

Choosing a Bike: 
Bottom Bracket: 
Hub Bearings and Gears: 
Derailleurs Shifters and Cables: 
Tires and Wheel Sizing: 
Wheel truing: 

This is the order that we are teaching them in during our current class session. We are also talking about adding a wheel building class at the end. I'd also like to get an overall instructor sheet together to go over the main points we're trying to get across in all of them,

As for starting another list we could start a Google group. That works as an email list and message board simultaneously. Google Docs works well for collaboration, multiple people can be working on a document at the same time and see changes almost live.

Any interest in that? I could set it up.


On Wed, Oct 8, 2008 at 8:00 PM, <> wrote:
I have written bicycle education material for academic class rooms, youth programs, adult programs, community programs, city government.
Each time I try to make the lesson apply to the current lives of the precipitant, but more importantly Make It FUN.
After all we do not ride because it sucks, we ride because it is fun. Bicycle Education should be fun too.

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