We do a regular workshop every year here in Anchorage.  Usually it runs for an hour or two and we cover the following topics:

-Commercial studded tires
-Home-made studded tires
-Navigation on dark, snowy streets.
-Proper layering techniques
-Fabric selection
-Vapor barriers (for the _really_ cold rides)
-Frozen hubs
-Bike Storage (how not to have your rims freeze)

Typically it's there are several people presenting on their areas of expertise.  Each presentation is short and followed by a q/a session.  At the end we typically offer a time for people to practice studding their own tires; however, we've been moving away from that recently as homemade studded tires tend to be pretty poor quality.

Feel free to ask for any details.

Off the Chain Bike Collective - your local non-profit bike shop
814 W. Northern Lights Blvd.
(West end of the Mat-Maid building)
Anchorage, AK 99508
(907) 258-OTCC (6822)

veganboyjosh@gmail.com wrote:
Has anyone ever held a class on winter biking?

We're thinking of offering one, and I'm interested in what other people have done. I've checked out icebike.org a little, and done a little internet research.

I was about to list the topics we're thinking of covering, but I'm interested what other folks thoguht was important.

What were some unexpected responses or questions or things that you hadn't prepared for?

Thanks, everyone.


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