I can coordinate this and get it to be mostly sharing, brainstorming and writing up lists of ideas, discussing what does and does not work.  I'll post it on the bike!bike! website.  Meanwhile, let's start a list somewhere on the bikecollectives website where we can gather ideas for keeping volunteers.  Simple personpower is always one of our biggest problems at The Recyclery as well.

We've mostly done hands-on teaching to try and get people feeling comfortable with the tools, but we combine it with food and fun times (bike-in movies are on the way) and a new "secret" time to use the shop for regular volunteers so they feel like they get a kick-back for their hard work. (This also functions as a casual party-ish time in the shop when we can all hang out and work on our own bikes.)

On another note: can I ask people for more suggestions on where to get bikes?  Right now we have a shortage.  Our usual avenues are police confiscations, individual donors, apartment buildings storage rooms getting cleaned out.  Sometimes we get them from alleyways or scrappers.  Do others have ideas for regular avenues of bike donations?

Thanks all!  Looking forward to seeing you again/meeting you at Bikebike!,

On 5/15/07, Jessica McPherson <jessica_mcp@yahoo.com> wrote:
sounds like a good idea for a workshop at bike!bike!
I bet it would be a great discussion if different
groups all offered their suggestions & experience.
Anyone want to coordinate?

(Free Ride)

--- Macho Philipovich <macho@resist.ca> wrote:

> we've been having a similar experience at the bike
> dump.  a few folks
> stuck around from our volunteer workshop series this
> spring, but not as
> many as i'd hoped.  volunteer pot lucks and special
> events have worked
> all right at getting new folks feeling comfortable
> in the space, in
> getting older volunteers to come back who haven't
> been around for a
> while, and generally helping volunteers to feel
> appreciated and like the
> shop is a fun space.  but all in all, i think we
> also need more and
> better strategies.  i'd be really interested in
> hearing in things others
> have tried, or even ideas about what else might
> work.
> macho
> http://bike-dump.ca
> rachael spiewak wrote:
> > hiya, folks.
> >
> > something sopo's always struggled with is finding
> volunteers and
> > convincing them to stay.  many people who visit
> our shop would rather
> > have a hands on demonstration than look up how to
> do repairs in our
> > manuals.  we tried having a few bike maintenance
> 101 classes to get
> > people feeling like they have the capacity to help
> others with basic
> > repairs, but that didn't stick.  does anyone have
> ideas or experience
> > in this department?  or is it sufficient for us to
> tell people that
> > reading about repairs in our manuals is part of
> their process at our
> > shop?  i tend to doubt the success rate of the
> last one.  i'm thinking
> > food incentives might be a good idea.
> >
> > love/peace/bicyclegrease,
> > rachael
> >
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