Hey good bike peoples
Myself and my partner Camille are currently biking down the west coast en route to bike!Bike! but don't have time to ride all the way to LA so we're hoping to catch a lift (along with our bikes) on the 27th or so.  Right now our schedule has us on track to arrive in Bodega Bay late on the 26th and lagunitas late on the 27th.  That said we're happy to catch a bus earlier into San Rafael or San Fran if it means we can catch a ride with someone to LA.
We're happy to pitch in for gas of course and can regale you with stories of the road!
If you're able to help us out please drop us a text at 215-459-8864 or if you have any hot tips on how to get down the coast with our bikes (aside from taking a fucking Greyhound) send me an email.
Can't wait to see all yer lovely faces at B!B!
Geoff Heath, Education Director
The Winnipeg Repair Education N' Cycling Hub
1057 Logan Ave. Winnipeg, MB  R3E 3N8
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