You can see a picture of one of the stands at Free Ride on our website

Your variety is slightly different than ours- we actually use two top tubes to make the long part of the stand.  i'm sure either way works fine. Always be sure to use a long stem when attaching the drop bars that the bike will hang on. this way the pedals wont always be hitting the stand.


On Sep 28, 2007, at 12:35 PM, wrote:

josh @ community cycles here.

free ride in pittsburgh has some awesome diy stands, the design for which i've stolen for our shop. they're made 100% from bike parts.

 here's what you need:

2 bmx bars with stems.
2 bmx forks.
2 sets of drop road bars, with stems.
one top tube, which is the same inner diameter as the steerer tube on the bmx forks are outer diameter.

cut off the dropouts on both sets of forks. the bmx bars/stems are inserted into the bottom of the forks, one stem in each arm of the forks. this is the base, so that the steerer tube stands straight up. the top tube goes over this steerer tube, then the other fork (with road bars/stems inserted into it's arms), goes into the top of the top tube. the drop bars are turned so that the ends of the bars are hooks to hold a bike to be worked on. the bmx bars are wide enough that the stand can hold two bikes at once, without tipping over.

someone on the list i'm sure has some pics, which make the design much easier to figure out than my paltry description.

cheap, easy, diy, and best of all, it looks bikey, so people are into it...

On 9/28/07, Urban Bike Project of Wilmington, Inc. <> wrote:
Don't know about grants but I have a few suggestions on necessary tools...

-Workstand (you don't need it, but it makes life wonderful )
-Ratcheting 14mm and 15mm wrench (indispensable for quickly removing wheels)
-"Y" style hex tools with 8-9-10mm (everybody needs at least one of these for brakes)
-Chain breakers (get both for 3/32 and 1/8in chains, i recommend the park ones that you can change the pins out on, get plenty of extra pins too.  you (or someone in your shop) WILL break these)
-At least 2 sets of Allen keys (they will get lost.  it's handy to have one "flip-out" set with the keys attached)
-Pedal wrenches (get good ones with a lot of leverage)

Perhaps we should all collaborate on a more comprehensive list to put up on the wiki "Bike Collective Starter Kit".  I skimmed the pages but didn't find one.

Happy Friday!

Brian Windle
Urban Bike Project of Wilmington

On 9/28/07, Ariel raymon < > wrote:
Hey everyone,
Ariel from bikefarm here. We're starting to make our space into a shop, and are looking at the tools we need to purchase.
Suggestions on bare minimum tools for a funcitoning shop would be really helpful, as we'll be making a large order from the
UBI distributors in a month or so. Also, Are there grants for things like this? Thanks,

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