write down your serial numbers on the back of a photo of your bike  i have gone so far as to engrave the serial number onto the rims, cranks, hubs stem, bars and seat post
this activity has lead to the memorization of 1296998  also record the make, model, color and any other distinctive aspects to your bicycle.  the police in los angeles are reticent to take a report they don't understand that bicycles are life lines for many.  they also do not know the value of bicycles.  in california  a theft of more than $400 is a felony so  add the value of your bicycle to the photo.  if you have a receipt affix a copy of that as well.  i have lost 7 bikes to theft and recovered 3, one by the police!


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Subject: Re: [TheThinkTank] anyone know of a nonprofit bike depot that handles unclaimed stolen/impound bikes?
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> We're trying to push City of Toronto to do the same thing. The latest example: 2000+ bikes were seized by the police as "evidence" of one notorious bike thief. Many groups made depositions to the city to get the bikes. The newspapers just announced that they will be sold to pay for his court case.
> Maybe it's a Canadian thing?

I believe the issue is that the Police told people that if theft reports (with serial numbers) had never been filed then the Police could not legally return any bikes.

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