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we'll work on patching together a northern alliance- anybody from the Canada side wanna ride with some lefties?

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On Jan 25, 2008 1:15 PM, Sarah <> wrote:
Hey, bike enthusiasts!

I wanted to give y'all a heads-up about a bicycle caravan taking place
in August 2008.  The Neverwood Collective in Madison, Wisconsin is
organizing a bike ride to St. Paul, Minnesota, arriving a few days
ahead of the Republican National Convention protests!  We're calling
the ride the GrassRoutes Caravan, as we'll be hooking up with various
grassroots organizations along our route, doing volunteer work and
learning about regional struggles.

Madison is holding a counter-convention to the Republican and Democrat
National Conventions.  It's called the People's Networking Convention
(PNC), and it's going down August 15-17th.  The GrassRoutes Caravan
will link the PNC to the RNC.  Check out more about the PNC and the
Caravan at: -- People's Networking Convention -- GrassRoutes Caravan

We're super-excited about the GrassRoutes Caravan!  It's sort of a mix
between the Democracy Uprising DNC2RNC march in 2004, work done by the
SuperHeroes collective, cycle circuses everywhere, a mobile version of
Burning Man, and everything in-between!  We just published a zine
about our vision -- find it to download online.  We welcome any input,
advice, or bike travel hints you may have.

I invite y'all, and yer bikes, to the Midwest this August for our
mobile village of resistance!  I hope to hear from you soon!

~ Sarahtops
of the Neverwood Collective
Madison, Wisconsin

PS:  Many thanks if you spread this message far and wide!
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