NYC might need these ... timeline you need to get rid if them? 

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hi all,
Ive been mostly a lurker on this list in the past few years.    but chiming in now because Troy Bike Rescue needs to unload a bunch of stock, and we hope the ThinkTank can help!

This is a deep storage collection that has gone through several culls over the years, so there is not much in there that should be scrapped. We are at a point now where we are not able to penetrate the backlog because of limited volunteers and hours, and a continual income of donations..... it is cramping our style - literally.

We are located in Troy, NY about 3 hours from Montreal and NYC and 4 hours from Boston, and Philly....   We want to give between 50 and 100 bikes to a good home where they will be refurbished and used.  We would consider splitting the cost of a Uhaul or something if someone is  interested.  We are very open to suggestions of how to redistribute these.   We want to help fledgling projects, but if a capitalist outfit can use them, we could work with that too.   If an oversees distro project could use them, thats cool too.  Just dont want to scrap them if at all possible, and we need to figure this out.

Whadda Yall think(tank)??  Thanks for any feedback.

PS.  we also have a million wheels too.  all aluminum (most steel has been culled).

Andrew Lynn
Certified Arborist
Magai Arboriculture


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