Thanks for the messages! Perhaps I should have made it more explicit that for a number of reasons (e.g. nature of the space where it would be put up) a pre-fab station (like Dero, for which everyone seems to be gushing praise), isn't an option at all. Still hoping that someone out there has done a simple repair station themselves and has advice on it.


56a Bikeroom

On Thu, Nov 13, 2014 at 9:15 PM, Eric Brozell <> wrote:
Bike Erie has had a good relationship with our local health department for years.  This year they decided to buy 5 Dero stands.  So far there is only one installed.  It was installed in a prime spot on Presque Isle State Park.  It is one of our hot spots with a great 13 mile loop.  The remainder will be installed around the County.  We have not had any issues that I know of as yet.  The cables for the tools seem pretty heavy duty.  It is very near the park ranger station, the main road around the park and a multipurpose trail. 

Eric Brozell

On 11/11/14 9:37 PM, sheldon mains wrote:
I love do-it-yourself repair stands but being about 2 miles from Dero world headquarters, two years ago they donated a complete repair stand (version 1.0--no longer available) to us. It's been great. In over two years-- in an area where you'd expect vandalism--the pump (version1.0--also no longer available--kit 2 and kit 3 much better) still works and we've only lost two of the tools. 


Sheldon Mains
SPOKES Bike Walk Connect
Minneapolis, MN 612/618-7149
Three ways to donate to SPOKES:
1. Volunteer.  2. Donate repairable used bikes. 3. Financial donations always welcome. Check for details.

On Tue, Nov 11, 2014 at 5:21 PM, Bob Giordano <> wrote:
Several exist here in Missoula, Montana, and work well.  We've been an
advocate for manual pumps instead of the ones run by an air compressor
(noise, fuel, space, etc).

But- many of the initial manual (floor) pumps broke.

Now, they are made much stronger and worth the investment I think.  Like
this one:

A challenge but doable to make your own.

Bob Giordano, Director
Free Cycles Missoula
Missoula Institute for Sustainable Transportation

Natasha B wrote:
> Wondering if anyone one has experience building a simple bike repair
> station. Looking at setting something up (not near our bike space). Things
> that have worked, things that didn't work so well? Approximate cost of
> materials? What's a realistic life span?
> Thanks for your feedback!
> -Natasha
> 56a Bikeroom
> London


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