good suggestion wrt having it here and there. i like that.

as for working with municipalities, i don't have any experience myself, but i am working with our school district here to come up with a PE class appropriate curriculum for use in jr high schools come spring. we're looking at a lot of other curricula from other groups and other areas, and something i saw this morning that caught my eye was the following, from portland, OR's BTA curriculum, paraphrased by me:

"training kids to ride bikes effectively and safely teaches them skills that they will take with them when they begin to drive." not that i'm all about kids graduating into cars, but that it's a useful angle to sell when asked "why is this important?" from folks who don't ride and don't see the benefits.

i am super interested in the police training idea. sasha, if you'd like, i can put you in touch with one of our local cops here in boulder who is in the traffic department, and he a>oversees the few bike cops in town we have, and b>is super awesome and supportive of just about everything community cycles is involved with. email me off list if you're interested. i don't know what kind of resources he might have, but he'd be a great place to start if were working on that project...

On Thu, Oct 9, 2008 at 11:26 AM, <> wrote:
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Hello, Everyone.

   I hope you are all doing well, financial meltdown

   I'd like to vote for BOTH keeping the education and curriculum
thread as part of the list serv AND for having it all together,
accessible by wiki.

   Also, does anyone know how to create productive bike
sensitivity trainings for police departments and city governments?

   I've done a couple with mixed-to-positive results, but changing
the culture here in the Motor city area is a ongoing project, and
good tips and techniques are always welcome.

  Has anyone found a way to reach into driver's ed programs to
improve their bike-friendliness?


On Thu, 09 Oct 2008 13:10:11 -0400 Christina Illarmo
<> wrote:
>Hello Think Tank,
>It's great to see so many people and organizations across the
>communicating to make our work stronger and more
>meaningful.Greetings to you
>For those who haven't seen it, our Earn-A-Bike Instructor Training

>which we use in our youth programs is available to download off of

>website. We also sell these for $7 but please feel free to
>download the
>manual and see if it is useful in your own programming.
>We also have a youth made bike safety training video about 45
>minutes long
>which discusses general bike & helmet fit, bike safety checks,
>rules of the
>road, bike path etiquette, preparing for a ride, and general tips
>(how to
>prep for a ride, crossing train tracks, hand signals right and
>turns...). Please contact me directly if you are interested in
>this video for $35. All proceeds will go towards supporting our
>work at
>Bikes Not Bombs.
>Christina Illarmo
>Girls' Programming & Bike Safety Coordinator
>Bikes Not Bombs
>284 Amory St, Jamaica Plain, MA 02130
>(617) 522-0222 x102
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