wow, everyone, this rules.

is there a way for us to collaborate/share curriculum?  even something as simple as putting up documents on a server somewhere would be a start.

On Wed, Oct 8, 2008 at 10:50 PM, <> wrote:
steve, you bring up a great point. lots of people asking for curricula, but not that much posting/sharing.

i'm very interested in collaborating with as many folks as are interested in getting to it and coming up with one. whether that means researching others from other groups, or coming up with something from scratch, let's put our heads together and do it.

who's with me? i don't know what the first step is, other than getting the interested people talking about it, and divvying up tasks. a set of goals would be nice.

of course, each of us brings something different to the group as far as skills, knowledge, resources, as well as things like customers we serve, and reasons we're doing this, and what is most important in a curriculum. that will need to be hashed out, i suppose but i think it's doable.

this task, i think, is one that is ripe for a seperate list, or something...i'm imagining a lot of correspondence to get something like this done, and i wouldn't want to bother people who aren't interested in this with our day to day drivel of class content, etc.

so, who's with me?

On Tue, Oct 7, 2008 at 8:05 PM, Steve Klassen <> wrote:
Dear Ryan,
Thanks for initiating this.  I have seen several requests on this listserve for curriculum material over the past year go unanswered.  Bicycles for Humanity- Thunder Bay has some university student volunteers that are in teachers college that have an interest in doing a project to organize a curriculum that could possibly be used not only in a co-op bike shop but also in high school tech/mechanic courses.  Please keep us in the loop.

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