Nicely done, and thanks for all the hard work. It's good to be able to point folks to the site again.

Mark Rehder - Coordinator
re-Cycles Community Bike Shop

On 2014-01-26, at 8:00 PM, Godwin ! wrote:

Hey folks, the website is finally up again. We did a complete redesign but of course kept the wiki and thinktank links. We also cleaned up the wiki of all the spam that was on there. I removed all offending users and documents (there were thousands of them) but it is possible that I missed some or even removed some real content. I still have a backup of all the data, so if you spot a case of the latter, please let me know and I'll restore it.

If you have ideas on things you'd like to see changed, feel free to let me know. A number of us spent quite a lot of time trying to negotiate the right things to say, but there's always room for improvement.