is fantastic for this. It's software developed for people running tool libraries. We use it for our bicycle lending program at Bikechain here in Toronto. If you're a non-profit doing cool stuff they'll likely cut you a deal too.

On Mon, Sep 25, 2017 at 8:38 PM, Bob Giordano <> wrote:
Meant the below note to go just to Kyle, sorry bout that.

So I'll take this opportunity to ask a question of the list:

We've tried many different checkout/rental/share programs, such as:

free roaming bikes, free with deposit, $1/day rental

We'd like to go bigger, with a large fleet, to meet the huge demand, yet
not necessarily follow the models of the bigger cities with smartphones
and credit cards.

If anyone has a favorite, library like checkout system that can work for
a city of 100,000, please send info.   Thanks.

Bob Giordano wrote:
Hello Kyle,

Free Cycles Missoula is very interested in these cycles.  We are ready to
launch a community bike share program and we were planning to go the
grant/foundation route to set up a fleet of 400 bikes.  We bought our 28k
building and 2 acre property last year and can now expand/grow programs.

Thanks and let me know a next step.  We'd obviously have to work out
shipping.. we do have some contacts in the trucking and rail industry

Bob Giordano, Director
Free Cycles Missoula
Shop: 732 S. 1st St. West, ph. 541.7284
10AM-6PM Tues-Sat,
Missoula Institute for Sustainable Transportation, 406.830.7676

Kyle Wagenschutz wrote:
Hey folks,

Recently, I received a request from a bike rental operator located in the
panhandle of Florida looking for a new home each year for their used
bicycle fleet. It was described to me that about 700 bikes are available
for free on an annual basis - the owner only wants the bikes to be picked
up from their location. As described to me, the bikes are in working
condition and have about one season of rental wear and tear on them.
Currently, the owner is taking the bikes to the scrapyard as they are

If anyone has any interest, please feel free to send me a note and I’ll
connect you directly with the owner of the bike tour company.


Kyle Wagenschutz
Director of Local Innovation

P.O. Box 2359 / Boulder, CO 80306
MOBILE: 303.886.8288 <>


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