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Hey there friendly people,

           I am in the process of putting together an internal program handbook that will provide any new instructors an outline/understanding of our programs. I'm looking for 

#1. Your general feedback of the table of contents
#2. A copy of your organization's similar handbook
#3. A list of additional fun games/activities that you think should be in this handbook. 

I'm looking to pack a dozen or so descriptions/illustrations of games and activities that instructors can use to teach classes. For instance, a bike scavenger hunt where you hide different bike/tools parts in a given area and they have to fine each one and do a certain task before they can move on to the next activity. Below is the table of contents--

The ReCyclery Ultimate Program Handbook

Table of contents--

1. Overall mission and vision of The ReCyclery.

2. How programs serve our mission and vision.

Program Values-- fun, safety, experiential, environmental stewardship, riding skills,

3. Program delivery philosophy (What is the ReCyclery way to teach cycling education? What is our method?)

-Direct participation

-fun games/activities that involve/use skills being taught

4. List of types of educational programs (safety and riding skills) and HOW TO DO IT! (Lesson Plans, activities, games, instructions, safety considerations)

-2 hour workshops/classes

-Day long classes

-3-5 day long camp sessions (3-5 hours)

-2-4 day bike trips

-Series classes


-womens bike night


-DIY panniers class

5. Tricks of the trade for Instructors (other ideas, games, ropes course activities etc.)

6. Setting up and running programs (marketing, insurance, recruiting participants, registration, etc.)


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The ReCyclery
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"Health and Sustainability through Bicycles"

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