I just uploaded a copy of the zine we handed out in our Winter Cycling workshops to the BCN wiki.

It goes over the basics of how to ride differently, how to dress differently, and a little bit about how maintenance is different in the winter.

There's a foldout page in the middle that has a "centerfold" poster explaining and showing how to make your own diy studded tires. It's on the wiki here:


I've also uploaded a copy of our workshop curriculum, which is in outline form, but works great for flow, and just reading from one line to the next in front of the class, with some expanding on topics, answering questions as they come, etc, that's here:


It's pretty long, but it's a great foundation for a 2-3 hour workshop all about winter cycling. It was interesting getting feedback about the class, since we'd get some "material was too elementary" and some "material was too advanced" responses to the questionnaire at the end of the same session. I think it might be a good idea to try to suss out the skill/experience level of the workshop/class participants before hand, to avoid speaking down to the more experienced, or over the head of the beginners.

The rubbermaid box Sam mentioned was essentially my own winter cycling gear box that lives in my garage. It's about the size of a milk crate, and it's where all my winter stuff--gloves, balaclava, leg warmers, etc--live when they're not keeping me warm. When it's time for a class, I just grab that, and have lots of examples to pass around. (Don't forget to wash the items if you're teaching the class during the season in which they're being used...no one wants to pass around an unlaundered balaclava...) I usually offer an arm warmer or two to someone who's skeptical that they would make that much of a difference. Just challenge them to wear it for 10 minutes during the class, and then check back with them to see how much warmer they are with it/them on...

On Mon, Dec 20, 2010 at 11:45 AM, Sam Haraldson <samh@samh.net> wrote:

Our co-op will be giving a series of lectures this winter, the first of which is a winter cycle commuting clinic.  I'd like to round out the materials we've put together with examples of what others have taught regarding this topic already.  If you have any outlines or other presentation materials related to giving a winter bicycle commuting clinic we'd be most appreciative of you sharing. 

Boulder's Community Cycles gave a nice presentation regarding this topic at Mountain States Bike Bike last year. Their organization has all the materials for a presentation ready to go in a Rubbermaid tub for quick deployment.  If a company, or other organization is in need of a presentation they can contact CC and for a fee have a ready-to-go presenter and presentation with little difficulty. 


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