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Giving Tuesday, December 1st, is fast approaching.  Giving Tuesday is a global day dedicated to giving to charitable organizations.  Please remember BikeVON.  Contribute your weekly coffee budget and make that donation to our GoFundMe account.

BikeVON is raising money to buy transportation.  We need your help.  Forward this email to your friends and family.  Please view our story at Detroit Youth Cycling at the International Velodrome at Bloomer Park

Track cycling is the Olympic cycling sport.  A special build track, a velodrome is used for the sport. The bends at International Velodrome are at a 45 degree angle and the straights are at a 15 degree angle.  The riders feet are secured to the pedals.  The bike does not have brakes and only one gear.  If the rider stops pedaling he will fall. 

Only 2 African Americans have receive recognition in the sport.  Major Talyor in 1899 won the one mile track cycling championship.  From a total of 168 races, he won first place in 117 and second place in 32.  In 1984,Nelson Vails won the Olympic sliver medal and in 2009 was inducted in the cycling hall of fame.

Your donation can help our youth to be the next champions.

BikeVON is a 501c(3) non-profit.  All donations are tax deductible.
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Educate, Advocate, and Motivate Through Cycling 


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Mission: To increase cycling awareness, accessibility, affordability for the youth of color in Metro Detroit ages 11 – 18.  To expose the youth to the elite sport of cycling while teaching them the core values of diversity and inclusion, a healthy lifestyle, and community service.

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