thanks, Wanda

ive been very busy lately, just move into a new house, new job, etc etc....
im really sorry that i havent been very involved into bike bike stuff, so i was wondering if we could meet via skype one of this days, to talk about what has been going on. i wanna catch up and participate.

2014-02-05 Wanda Pelegrina Caldas <>:
Howdy bike peeps!
The Bike!Bike! working group needs your input.
We're exploring B!B!'s mission and values aka what about B!B! is important to all of y'all.

Click here to take our short survey.

There might be other things about B!B! that you wanna share with us and we hope you will.
We hope to send out a few more quick surveys on other issues, themes, topics. 

Hey, and the working group is not an elite, selective or closed group.
Info on how to join the working group is at the end of the survey.

Bike love and warm, de-icing thoughts!
Wanda, on behalf of the B!B! working group

Wanda Pelegrina Caldas
Community Cycles, Boulder's only nonprofit bike shop, serves all your bike commuting needs. 
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