holy crap rachael, i'd love to go see daft punk omg omg omg.
 how are you getting to ny? from where? (atl = atlanta, yes?) if i can find a ride before bikebike i will def get in touch because, seriously, bikebike, daft punk etc, and all the other amazing shit in pgh all in one weekend would be AAMAAAZING. so i'll get to work on that asap.
 sincerely stoked,

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i'm going to be in nyc right before bikebike to see daft punk, the rapture, kavinsky, and sebastian.  it's a long story, but i've got extra tickets.. which i'd especially like to barter for a ride/riding companion to pgh.  the show is on aug 9 at keyspan park.  i'm sending my bike to pgh with other atl folks, so i don't have to factor in hauling it around.

any takers?

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