Hey all,

This is the official callout for the 3rd volume of Meal To Wheels: Vegan Cooking to Turn Your Cranks. M2W is a vegan recipe zine prepared for Bike Pirates, both as exposure for our food programming and as a way to encourage new cooks to discover the kitchen and try out new recipes.

We encourage our friends and allies to contribute original or modified recipes which can easily be prepared for large groups (at least 15-20 people, if not 50!), which are vegan and do not require strange or expensive ingredients or apparatus. We also love recipes which could be a jumping off point for further experimentation in the kitchen.

This volume will also have a special Bicycle Touring section (which may end up being a pull out zine format...) so we are also soliciting specific recipes for bike touring as well as prep/packing/nutrition tips for those requiring fuel for long days.

Please submit recipes to lunch@bikepirates.com by February 15th, and we will have the book prepared some time in March. Every contributor will receive a free copy.

Copies of the first two zines are available at BIKE PIRATES or via digital copy if you email me.

Thanks! Keep the rubber side down.