This is awesome. We’ve been trying to do this with our tool boards and parts bins at worcester earn a bike. 

Park tool has an awesome resource for names of parts and tools in many different languages:

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Looks really good! We are redoing our labeling after a renovation. And, will take it up with our shop crew if we do them I will send you bilingual labels 🏷


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You can use these if you want. A 12yr old named Celeste did them for us years ago. 
I would love to see your Spanish/English labels when you have them done. We should also work towards this. 

Peace & grease, 

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hello from Reno, Think Tank.

We are redoing our signage for our parts storage and organization. As an org, we have agreed that they should be in Spanish and English, as well as have photos if possible. Before I put in the work, I was figuring I could as if anybody here got a PDF/Word Doc of such a thing and be willing to share? 

Thanks in advance,

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