Mario y amigos,
Anne and Larry from Iowa, USA, have many great memories of Casa Ciclista! So sorry to hear this. It’s hard, the Iowa City Bike Library is also losing its space (again) and looking hard for another. (Lexi and Audrey are learning a lot at Bike!Bike! right now.) 


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Hello friends!

In 2015 we had the pleasure of receiving you during Bike! Guadalajara, in Casa Ciclista. 

We learned to work autonomously, to have safe spaces and to share it with other groups, we have empowered ourselves and we are glad to say so.

We want to inform you of the situation that the group is going through:

The place that for 5 years has been Casa Ciclista will soon be put up for sale and at some point we will have to leave it. We leave deeply grateful to the owner, our dear friend and ally.

We are analyzing the following options:


Renting another space, which at this time would be difficult because it would represent increasing operating expenses.

Move a part of the workshop to Casa Chabelita, a good friend's project, he has a bike mechanics workshop and a space to receive us.

Find a house in bailment (borrowed for several years) with the government (a difficult but not impossible option).

Finally, make a funding with the people who have passed through the house and allied groups to obtain money and pay for the operating expenses they have.

We would like to hear your opinions and / or recommendations when you face these situations.

We will do everything possible to maintain a space where we continue to receive people from other groups from anywhere in the world, the exchange of mechanics will continue, as well as the support for people who travel by bicycle around the world and need a space to rest and repair your bike, a workshop to learn and make community, a meeting place for people who want to change the city under the pretext of the bicycle, make community meals and have bikes to loan. 

At Casa Ciclista during 2019, we have kept the following projects active:

• Community workshop (Bike Bike) Thursday and Friday

• Permanent support for people to learn to service their own bike

• Workshop for training of bicycle mechanics

• Bicycle repair shop at fair prices for people

• Talks and conferences

• Cultural events such as movie screenings, music concerts,

• The place has been lent to groups that seek to improve human or labor rights

• We share space with the White Bike project (Ghost Bike)

• And we try to keep the Earn a Bike project. 

In that sense it has not been possible to bring the bicycle container from Chicago with Working Bikes. We thank Trevor and the entire team for their support, we have talked to the interior of the group and for now we will pause the management. So, we will reactivate our Earn a local Bike, on a smaller scale, between 1 and 2 bicycles per month during the next year, to be able to deliver between 12 and 24 bicycles per year.

We have received the support of people we met at B! B! who have come to work for seasons, we remember them with great affection and we greatly appreciate their generosity:

Aryn from Pittsburgh,

Lynneal from Santa Barbara California,

Felix from Germany,

Daniel from Chicago,

Joseph from Columbus,

Larry and Anne of Iowa,

Angie from Pittsburgh,

Reynaldo of Minnesota,

Isoño from Argentina,

James from Toronto,

Maria from Poland,

Tom from New York

Huetzin de Morelia,

Ricardo de Rapa Nui, Chile,

Terri from Colombia,

Isabel and Laura from Spain,

Gaston of Brazil,

Gerry from Germany,

Juan José from Spain

Aurelio from Brazil

Izzi and Eyelid of England

And more!

On this occasion our representation at Bike! Bike! Tijuana will be Cess and Yere, the rest of the group sends hugs with love and we hope to always meet soon.

Rila Libre Community Workshop

Gdl at Bici Movilidad Sustentable A.C


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