Not bad, it's the closest thing I've found so far.

Let me say more about what I'm doing this for.  We recently had a bunch of heavy duty lunch box type things donated to Community Cycles.  We're going to give them to participants in the youth Earn-A-Bike program.  The boxes will then function as a tool box.  Kids are welcome to take the class as many times as they like, each time they will get more tools for their box. 

The boxes are close to 8.5' X 11'. My idea was to have the illustrated fix a flat info on the inside of the box.  This would be more of a reminder than a full blown description.  Now that I think of it it would probably look like a comic strip.

I think the value of this goes beyond the toolbox idea, I think something like this would be great on our shop wall somewhere.

Anybody out there have the skills to draw up something like this?


Macho Philipovich wrote:
There is probably better stuff out there, but here's the Bike Dump's one 
page (if you'll allow two sided printing) workshop sheet on tires and 
tubes, which is basically on flat fixing.  Feel free to critique so it 
can be improved.


Rich Points wrote:
Hey All,
I'd like to hand out a one page, illustrated instruction sheet on how to
fix a flat.  I've searched around but haven't found anything.

Does anyone know of such a resource?



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