Thanks a lot for the inights and info!
Just recently we have started discussing the usage of gmail as our primary server for email and the discussion usually leans onto what Fabian just wrote. 
Thanks a lot  Cyclista Nicholas, it does seem a lot since none of us have  any tech background but the options you listed seems like a good start on getting some knowledege.
Michael, we are thinking a private group to start.

Well let e go and do some homework on teh topic (tbh we tried it but since didnt get anyof it  we went for the option of asking)
thanks a lot!!!

On Mon, Jul 23, 2018 at 5:36 PM, Cyclista Nicholas <> wrote:

I think Fabian makes good points.

The ThinkTank is just a mailing list. You can do a search on "setting up a mailing list" and receive a great many results. Typically you'll have a choice of the list being hosted by someone else (basically what Google Groups is a fancy version of) or hosting the list yourself (which means you must dedicate a computer of yours to be online and running 24/7. The latter is more independent, but also means that security is your responsibility as well. In other words, if someone attacks your server, you have to defend and repair. An advantage of using a service offered by another entity is that they have security protocols in place and teams assigned to handle threats. I could imagine people trying to attack a feminist server, so be careful with security.

Another option for collaboration is something like a collaboration software product, like Slack or Asana. There are open source options for this as well, Riot being one of them. These are apps users can run that, like mailing lists, use a server that either you run or you sign up to use from some other entity. You could more or less accurately think of collaborative software as just a really fancy email app with extra features.

If you want persistent information on the internet as a webpage, you are probably looking for a wiki, which is separate from the above two things. It is similar in that you can choose whether to host it on your own computer, which again, you need to keep up and running 24/7 and handle security for, or signing up to host it with some online provider.

In any of  the three above cases, even if you use an online provider to host things, you will need someone to be an administrator, the person who chooses settings for the software, decides when users should be banned or silenced, tweaks the appearance of the interface, and interacts with the hosting solution you've chosen, whether it be you yourself or an online provider.

I know this is a lot of stuff, but none of it is really that big a deal once you start it up. I'd encourage you to dive in and make mistakes rather than backing off and forgetting about it.

Cyclista Nicholas

On 2018-07-23 16:28, Fabian W. wrote:
But using a massively hegemonic, culturally colonizing, vertically
integrating corporate power as the vehicle for communication of a
feminist group seems like a very problematic contradiction.

The culture of convenience has lead most of us to accept corporate
power as the facilitator of TOO MUCH. Autonomy and empowerment
requires questioning those mechanisms.

I’m sure there are many alternative, independent tools for what Rachel
wants, even if not as convenient.

Best to all.


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On Mon, Jul 23, 2018 at 11:42 AM, Michael Young
< <> > wrote:

Do you want the group to be public or private?  Who will administor it?


West Town Bikes


On Mon, Jul 23, 2018, 10:40 AM Tigre Bici <
<> > wrote:

Hello everyone!

We are interested on see how the thinktank works and how to replicate
it, does anyone knows?

we are trying to setup something like the bike collectives think tank
with the city feminist groups but using facebook or whatssap has
proven very complicated

so, if you know any way on forming a thinktank or other ways of mass
communication with different groups that doesn't required to be all
day in front of a screen and/or saturates your inbox will be awesome.




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