I built a trailer with a tubing bender and a drill. I needed bolts to go through the tubes instead of using welds. It can hold 400 pounds easily and 500 is a bit dangerious,, almost impossible to stop the thing with that much weigh. I made it more the size of a micro car and put a slow sign on the back.
If you want more information, send me a note.

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Hey folks
Geoff from Bike Dump & The WRENCH up here in Winnipeg.

We're organizing a summer workshop series and 2 of the requested topics are trailers and teaching skills for in the shop.  So I was wondering if anyone had done workshops on these topics and could share their materials/experience.

Is it even really feasible to do a trailer workshop in one day given that most designs involve substantial cutting, welding, etc?

Also, does anyone have notes from the "HOW TO TEACH HANDS OFF"  Workshop at last year's Bikebike?  it ain't up on the wiki sadly.



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