Pretty close. We have work stations with double arm Park stands that measure about 11X9. If you add on another foot or two for room to mov e around, your 125 sqft measurement is about right. Our stations have a workbench with 21' depth. Deeper means more clutter and harder to reach the tool board above. The tool benches all have standardized layouts. I'm sure you can make a list of the tools you most frequently use, and lay them out on a template that you can use to mark hooks or hangers for each bench. Where you put the tools so that both mechanics can access them with the least extra reach is up to you. some will invariably be further from one mechanic than the other.  Good luck!

On Sun, Oct 26, 2008 at 5:18 PM, Rich Points <> wrote:
Hey All,
Community Cycles is looking into the possibility of getting more space.  One of the things we need to figure out for our floor plan is how much space a workstation requires.
Right now we can have as many as six stands working in a 500sqft space and all the tools are located on one bench.  What I envision is workstations that include a stand, bench and a set of basic tools and enough room for two people to work comfortably.  I'm guessing that each work station would be 100 - 125sqft?

Has anyone out there thought of what size and tools make a perfect work station?


Rich Points
Community Cycles Director

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