Thanks for letting me present my idea to this great group. Do you know of any cap and trade program where incentives are given to bicycle riders? If you drive a car, you may pay into a fund to compensate for your carbon emissions. Bicycle riders would accumulate miles somehow, and using some sort of technology, they would bank their miles and receive a benefit. Long shot. Thanks, John 

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What are key points of bike maintenance that people don't know? How to pump tires, adjust seat height, and identify if anything is noisy or loose. I like the ABC Quick check. Is it at all possible to bring a bicycle and a pump, and maybe a wrench to adjust seat height unless it is QR? Would recommend that. In 90 mins you can have everyone, or many, demonstrate proper tire inflation and they've actually done it, so now they can do it on their own in the future with a minute or two of hands-on experience.