With the fork out of the bike held by the steer tube on a soft surface give it a wump, and then listen to the ring.  A damaged fork will be daul and could even buzz or rattle whereas a sound fork will like a tuning fork sound solid and clear

On Sun, May 7, 2023 at 9:24 AM Laura Brooke via TheThinkTank <thethinktank@lists.bikecollectives.org> wrote:
We had someone come by our shop this weekend. They had just bought a Specialized Allez from the early 2000s with a used carbon fork. They wanted to know if it the carbon fork was safe. None of us at the shop at the time have a ton of knowledge for what to look for... we suggested:
1. Email the fork manufacturer to ask if there were any recalls
2. Look for signs to see if the bike may have been in a crash and any clear signs that the fork may be damaged
3. Take the fork out to inspect the steerer tube and look at the races

Any other advice, yall? Thanks for your assistance!

-Laura (volunteer at Freeride Montpelier)
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