We've been doing BV for about 6 years using a DYI system of canopy parts and conduit. 
http://www.canopiesbyfred.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=category.display&category_ID=36 - Part F4 - 1 inch
http://www.homedepot.com/p/Allied-Tube-Conduit-1-in-x-10-ft-Electric-Metallic-Tube-Conduit-101568/100400409?N=bohlZ12kx#.UaZJr2TwJIg - There are two wall thicknesses, make sure to get the thicker one. We cut the 10' in half for the legs and then string 10' sections together. (you can also buy end pieces like what it pictured in the foreground of the picture below, but not necessary) 

It ends up looking like this. 


Easy to break down and you can connect as many sections as you want. 
Just an affordable option, not trying to undercut anyone. 

Feel free to holler if you need any help.


On Wed, May 29, 2013 at 11:12 AM, Brian Drayton <brian@oaklandspokes.org> wrote:
Valet Bike Parking is like a coat check for your bike. Your organizaton  can  provide safe, free , event parking for many of the outdoor festivals  in your area..  

It is a fun way to be involved in the festivities of your cities events while promoting bicycling as an everyday means of transportation for everyone, and lowering the carbon foot print of each event , the city, and the planet. It is also an opportunity to work with your  community spreading cycle frienly service and encouraging cycle culture .
"For Brian Drayton, bike parking is not just a convenience; it's a necessity, a mission, a movement in the making. Richmond Spokes, the organization he founded in early 2009, provides valet bicycle parking at about 25 small- to medium-size events throughout the Bay Area each year. But more impressive than that is his sheer ambition.
"I want people to understand we can use bikes for everything, everyday," Drayton said. "There should be as many bike-parking facilities as there are gas stations in the world."

***SPOKES can also prepare a Bike  Valet  SUrvival  kit with instrucions  best practices   forms documents and  strategies for  marketing , deploying and  monitizing your Bike Valet  movement 

NEW!!!  Spokes New Portable (Moved by Bikes)Racks are durable and compact and available to other  community bike orgs through SPOKES

  2013 SPOKES GETS NEW RACKS  (Available Now)


After three years of our basic  steel conduit racks , SPOKES has found the rack that  rocks  for bike Valet.   By this spring  SPOKES will have replaced all our old  racks with  the Moved by bikes portable racks.

SPOKES is also going to be Subsidizing these racks  for other community bike organizations and bike coops  to encourage  the National Bike Movement in each SPOKES city. 

Price List 
Racks are:
  • $190 Each MSRP  for  companies and  individuals
  • $100-$160 for  qualifying  community members and community bike organizations & cycling clubs*

Please fill out  Rack Purchase inquiry below and let us know about your organization. 

For inquiries email:  racks@richmondspokes.org or call the Shop at 510-545-2243

*  The community Bike Collective is dedicated to providing technical support and financial assistance to any community serving organization showing the will capacity and audience for Free Bike Valet services within their community. 

For more information about CBC  and how we areplanning to  use collective purchasing capitol  to create  deeper econimic  prosperity in the community bike  culture.  Please join us:

CBC reserves the right to review applications and make delegations of subsidies and discounts under the strict criteria based on the factors set by our advisory and board of directors to make such delegations of the for mentioned subsidies to organizations contributing to our national Bike Valet Movement. 

Bike Rack Order Form

Brian Drayton
Oakland SPOKES Community Bike Lounge
465 9th Street
Oakland, Ca. 94607

Oakland SPOKES loves it's Popup Home!!!   Support us with your words  in extending our Popup Lease and  moving toward a long term /Permanant lease  allowing us capitalize our community comittment. 

Please lend us yout testimonial of support by filling out this petition of support. (responders recieve  a 15% Discount card via email) 


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