Might depend on the plan for the Volunteers,
Basic Boot Camp
bring them in, like cattle, and run then thru the maze
see what is interesting about them,
and weed them out,
kind of like basic training for military,
freshman classes in various subjects, engineering, medicine, etc

An individualized approach?
A mentor for each student?
open lab time?

see if the have the initiative to develop new programs?
what are their interest?
current skills?
tabla rosa?

do you have a volunteer coordinator?

Wbat are the organizations needs?
fill volunteer slots for open shop?
train kids in basics?
underpriviledged kids?
overpriviledged kids?
kid and adult pairs/ teams/
small groups??
Boy Scouts?
Girl Scouts?
Church Groups?
HalfWay Houses?
Probation and Parole?
Gifted and Talented?
What ages?
What languages/

If investing $16-50/ student in giving them a
Park Manual are you teaching them more than
just how to use the tools and do standard procedures?
Basic skills?
What of the females/ males that had dads/uncles/moms/
shop class instructors that made it a living hell
and have some emotional issues with holding tools,
as always told they did it wrong?
Mixed Groups?

Or all are the same and run them thru basic,
see if they come back for advanced?

are they just fulfilling their community service
Earn A Bike?
Gift A Bike?

So teaching the tools isn't terrible,
but maybe more than that,
as most may not want their own home shop
and knowing which tools to buy,
learning Park systems,

Some may be interested in how much is this tool?
Can i have this (3way tool?)
are they available for sale in your shop/coop?
at reduced cost?
bring it back the next time,
and we will teach you how to use it?

But i went through 8 classes in welding
earned a paper certificate (might not pass
AWS exams, yet, here are my coupons, etc)
and want to build my own frames,
is that an option here?
Why not?

Language barriers,
cultural barriers,
political/ SES barriers,
etc may exist,
is the Park Manual available in Spanish,
French, Chinese, Korean, etc?
How about Autistics?
Behavioral challenges?
Works great alone, but can't be in groups,
somehow might have some skills,
but not what we want here, type of stuff,
a one size fits al approach
may not fit anyone, in  the long run,
if the teaching is the source of income,
seeing a master mechanic perform their skills,
can turn people on to the hobby/ sport/ profession
and/or turn them off all mechanical stuff
AVOs, Coops, schools, etcl

In small groups with lab partners,
maybe fill in the gaps with the others
and be more social, than mechicial,
and demonstrate other skills that help
the organization

On Thu, Dec 12, 2019 at 1:36 PM Robert Christiansen <robert@sacbikekitchen.org> wrote:
Hello all,

The Sacramento Bike Kitchen would like to ramp up our educational offerings. The programs needs to be flexible yet structured and flexible to accommodate potential volunteer scheduling/availability fluctuations.

I have been looking into the Park Tool Schools program as outlined in their BB-4TG Instructor Guide. I am impressed with their offering and feel it might fit our needs perfectly. We are thinking to first establish an in-house mechanic training course which could be mandatory for new volunteers and optional for current volunteer staff. We are 100% Volunteer run. We would then open it up to the public. Tuition if any has yet to be discussed.

We would greatly appreciate any feed back from all of you if you have any experience with Park Tool School or similar curriculum.

Secondly have any of you instituted a mandatory training for new volunteers? If so, any observations and reflections would be welcomed.

Your time and efforts are greatly appreciated and we give many thanks to you all. Keep up the the great work.

For The Sacramento Bike Kitchen,
Robert Christiansen


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