Something I've been working on lately is a template for organizing an event and/or a program. It seemed like every time we put on a class, or a workshop or an event, we had to reinvent the thing, since no one had taken notes on what worked or didn't work last time.

We've come up with  a pretty simple multi-page spreadsheet that helps parse out tasks, duties, and timelines for things. It allows us to document the procedure for setting up an event or class (say, an open house, or a workshop) and then keep track of everything that needs to happen, what allies you can rely on, what their contact info is, other resources, food donors, space resources, all of it. 
After the event, it's also vital to do post-event evaluations, and include that information in your spreadsheet. What went wrong, what went well, what did you forget?

 Then, the next time someone, or you, wants to do the event again, all you have to do is call up your template, and do what's on the list of tasks. This time, you'll have your notes on what you forgot the first time, who helped you last time, who was good at what task, etc.

 Every time we start a new project here at Community Cycles, we draw up one of these templates, and start plugging in dates and names and tasks. We use a simple Google spreadsheet, which makes it easy to delegate and share responsibilites, and see waht people are up to. 

We're getting to the point now where we're able to rely on the spreadhseet info to do the event again, and it's proven SO helpful. When it's time to put the class on again, you just get the plan out of the box, and go down the list. You've taken notes on it already, so you know that if you do everything on the list, then it will be at least as successful and professional as the last time you did it.

This isn't specific to bike projects, either. I've imagined it fitting with my old office job for projects or campaigns that we worked on. I think it could even work on personal around-the-house projects if they're sufficiently big enough to warrant their own planning process.

I'm working on a "demo model" that has comments explaining some of the inner workings of it. I would love to share it with anyone who's interested. If you would like to check it out hit me up off list and I'll share the sample I have, which does not have comments just yet.

Sorry this email is so disjointed, in case anyone's still reading. I didn't plan on mentioning/releasing this thing, but got excited with all the bikebikes happening, and wanted to share.

Thanks everyone.