Hi Jonathan,
1) I would change "improve" in the second sentence to "build" or "strengthen"
2) I kinda like the BOOP (bicycle organization organization project) as a name, that would also keep things consistent for less confusion
3) some of that will work itself out as we all get started...great start though
4) yes, I would love to be involved, and BICAS for that matter would like to be involved, so count us in and let us know what help we can give
Thanks for all the effort, take care, Daniela

Jonathan Morrison <jonathan@slcbikecollective.org> wrote:
We need YOU to contribute -- this is a web resource for all of us, by all of us.

1) This is the current mission statement, any suggestions?

"The mission of the Bike Collective Network (www.bikecollectiveS.org)
is to improve and encourage communication and resource sharing between
existing and future community bike shops. Collectively we can improve
a bigger wheel as opposed to re-inventing smaller ones."

2) What should we call this thing?

Is there a better name than, "Bike Collective Network," or does this
one do the job?

3) What other features should this website have? So far we have come up with...

* Wikipedia style documentation site.
* Document sharing (uploading & downloading) between collectives.
* Google Map showing all the community bike programs.
* Information on the next (and prior) BikeBike conferences.
* Organization Directory (BOOP?) that anyone can add to and modify
their entries.
* Searchable email list (The Think Tank) archives and subscription details.
* Offer sub-domains for Community Bike Shops without a web presence.

4) Do you know someone that should be involved in this project? Have
them join the email list.



Jonathan Morrison
Project Coordinator
Salt Lake City Bicycle Collective
2312 S. West Temple
Salt Lake City, UT 84115
w: 801-328-2453
c: 801-688-0183
thethinktank mailing list

love, peace, and bicycle grease~
your friends at B.I.C.A.S.


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