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My first degree is in accounting and I worked in the field for a couple of years before computers came around and I switched to that.  I've worked with both Paychex and ADP, and neither one of 'em is worth a nickel, because they are each sufficiently inaccurate that you have to go over every check to make sure they got 'em right, and if you have to do that you actually save time and effort doing it yourself in the first place anyway.  Last I worked with one (ADP in '06) none of 'em offered nonprofit discounts or free services to anybody. 

In summary, outsourcing these services is a mistake. Nuisance though they may be, in trying to outsource 'em you end up trading a relatively small nuisance for a bigger and more expensive one.



On Thursday, March 1, 2018, 12:24:14 PM PST, Sterling Stone <sterlingstone@gearinupbicycles.org> wrote:

Hello there all,

I am seeking some assistance in making a decision.  For the Past 5 years, we have handled all financial matters in house with our board members.  Payroll, accounting, and end of year reporting (990's) are the primary fun tasks that I am looking to outsource for a no-to-low cost.  Does anyone have any experience with any companies (Paychex, ADP, etc) that they would be willing to share, or any suggestions?



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