We use ChainJ for chain lube (from the big bottles) and Polylube for grease- many of our mechanics
wear gloves when dealing with this stuff, because some have noticed it can cause small blood
vessel breaks in the skin.

I'm not sure we were ever able to find a more green alternative for the grease, that performed as well.
We use WD-40 with an applicator tip for loosening up rusty parts.

Durham Bike Co-op

On Thu, Nov 18, 2010 at 12:17 PM, Sam Haraldson <sam@bozemanbikekitchen.org> wrote:
> Would you please share your thoughts concerning your choice in lubes you
> use.  Specifically:

I have heard reference made to a DIY chain lube "reciple" somewhere
online but have been unable to source it.  If anyone is familiar with
this please share.


Director of Operations
Bozeman Bike Kitchen
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