Here is the notice from our insurance company that we get through League of American bicyclists.  I read this to mean any bike that meets the Class 1 or Class 3 (pedal assist)  legal criteria is covered by them and that has been their policy consistently.  Class 2’s (throttle)  are not covered and never have been.     


From: Rene Waterson
Sent: Friday, August 27, 2021 9:02 AM
Subject: Electric Bikes - Clarification on Coverage


Club Leaders:

There has been some confusion relative to how the League’s liability insurance program applies to the use of electric bicycles during club activities. The purpose of this correspondence is to clarify the intent of the liability policy. It is important to note that coverage for electric bicycles for club activities has not changed from prior years and is consistent with what we believe to be industry standards.


For the purposes of this communication, the definition of electric bicycle is consistent with the CPSC definition and the League’s position on electric bicycles:



Based on the language from the insurance policy, losses arising from the use of a Class 2 electric bicycle would not be covered under the League’s club insurance program. Again, this is consistent with prior year’s coverage and our understanding of industry standards. Given that it could be difficult for a Club to determine which class of an electric bicycle is being used during club activities, clubs may consider notifying club members and club activity participants that Class 2 electric bicycles are not permitted. This is a business decision for the Club. We have created a sample acknowledgement for users of electric bicycles for the club’s consideration. Please note utilizing this acknowledgement is NOT an insurance requirement and should be reviewed with the club’s local legal counsel prior to implementing. The acknowledgement should remain independent of the standard release of liability waiver (in other words, we do not recommend combining the two or replacing one with the other).


We realize that some clubs may have been notified during the 2021 policy period that Class 3 electric bicycles are not covered and we apologize for the confusion. Please note that this is a summary of coverage and the policy will govern any discrepancies between this summary and the actual policy. If you have any questions or would like to discuss further, please do not hesitate to reach out to Rene Waterson at






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I think the take away I got from bike shop forums was an issue of battery fires at the worst end of the spectrum, and endangerment from improper installations at the the other end. I don't about the Us, but in so called canada there's also liability issues if systems are tuned to exceed.30km under motor power, either throttle or assist. It's worth checking your municipal as well as state and federal ebike codes. 🤷


On Fri., Sep. 10, 2021, 07:15 Adam-Phoenix Mitchell <> wrote:

Hello all,


We are trying to determine if we need insurance (beyond general liability) to cover e-bike conversions on used bikes.  Not totally sure if general liability insurance would cover this and I assume it may depend on the carrier. 


I'm also not totally clear why there would be any difference between this and a normal refurbished bike we sell, in terms of liability.


Any insights would be appreciated!




Freeride Montpelier Community Bike Shop 


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