On Oct 6, 2006, at 12:39 PM, Graham Stewart wrote:

Why is bikebike! planned for the fall instead of spring next year?  I'm 

sure there are good reasons, but it seems to make more sense to do 

bikebike at the beginning of the busy season rather than the end.

-- Graham from the Bikedump in Winnipeg

-well, in the warmer months in the north, there is no good time. 
-the first bike bike happened in may in new orleans.  May was good for them and others in the southern states as it was the end of their season (a bit slower), as it would soon get too hot for many people to bike.
-For us in the North, May is the super busy season (at least in PGH)
-Not only does everyone want a bike then, there are lots of bike advocacy events going on or starting up (classes, programs, bike to work week, BikeFest in PGH, Bike Summer, etc) that many of us are also organizing.  
-August, although still really busy, seems to be good as it's the wind down of the busy season (in the north) and many of the bike-cultural events have happened, although there are many programs and classes still happening.   
-August is also before the cycling season in the south
-September is too late and gets really busy for a ton of cities as that's when the college kids get back.
-if we do this while the colleges are out, we might be able to secure some inexpensive dorm sleeping facilities as not everyone wants to stay on a couch or floor.  

moral of the story: no matter what time is picked, nobody will be happy as the climate is so different on this north american continent.  and we don't want to bring people to our lovely city when the weather is bad.

I hope that explains it somewhat.

Peace and grease,

Erok Boerer
Free Ride 
Pittsburgh, PA