Any workshops out there have Adult Earn-a-Bike programs? How are they run? Are they successful? Do they differ from your regular volunteers?

I'd like to get something started here and wanted feedback on other folks' programs.

At FMCBW we had a program where folks could buy a bike out right and then work on it during open shop times (if anything needed replacing that was included in the price), OR they could volunteer 15 hours (i think) and we'd get them a bike and help them fix it up (same thing, replacement parts where included, if needed).......We have a bunch of adult bikes and, depending on the shape they are in, we'll fix 'em and sell them at the Hub, or minor adjustments are done and we sell 'em cheap at our monthly garage sales...

Personally, anytime I see a full suspension out in the wild I want to leave a note on it that they could trade it in towards an Adult bike that we'd help them fix up....but that might be just me...

Also, Happy Spring all! I hope you're well!

Judith C Feist
Co Director, the Hub at Back Alley

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